Asphalt / Bitumen Tank Semi Trailer

Asphalt / Bitumen Tank Semi Trailer uses Tig welding technology. Heavy duty and extra durability designed I beam; opting for high tensile steel Q345, welded by automatic submerged-arc processes. Installed valve protection box, in order to prevent the leakage of the transport medium from causing environmental pollution and personal injuries.

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Product Features

1. The active preheating system completely eliminates the trouble of baking or cleaning asphalt and pipelines, and the active circulation program enables asphalt to enter the heater, dust collector, draught fan, asphalt pump, asphalt temperature indicator, water level indicator, and steam generator according to the demand.
2. Pipeline and asphalt pump preheating system, pressure relief system steam combustion system, tank cleaning system, unloading into the tank equipment, etc., all are installed on the tank (inside) to form a compact monolithic structure.
3. Asphalt tank features: fast heating, energy-saving and environmental protection, large output, how much out how much not to waste 5, not aging, easy to operate all the accessories are on the tank, moving, lifting, the repair is particularly convenient, fixed is very convenient. A hot asphalt tank heated to 160 degrees usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

Product Parameters

Product Name Bitumen Tanker Semi Trailer
Tank Capacity 40000 liters
Dimension 13000mm*2500mm*3995mm
Thickness Tank body: 5mm
Endplate: 6mm
Manhole cover 3 sets with 2 breath valves
Discharge valve 3 Sets, 3 inches.
Emergency valve 4-inch bottom valve, 1 set
Discharge pipe 4-inch seamless steel tube
Axle Brand FUWA Brand 13Ton Axle
Tire 12R22.5 triangle brand 12units
King Pin 2.0 or 3.5-inch bolt-in kingpin
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Brake Valve WABCO
Brake system 2 line pneumatic brake system.
Type 30/30 spring brake system on two axles.
ISO type air coupling at front of the semi-trailer. Optional ABS
Brake chamber Six double chamber
Electrical system 24V, 7 Pole plug.  The whole set of LED lights includes Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp etc.
Colour and Marking Color and pattern according to customer requirements

Application and After-Sales Service

Bitumen tank trailer also called bitumen delivery trailer, asphalt tanker semi-trailer, hot bitumen tank trailer, oil tanker trailer is suitable for transporting liquid asphalt such as bitumen, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar, and non-petroleum products. The tank is equipped with multi-channel anti-wave bulkheads, which makes the tank body strong, stable and the vehicle carried safely and steadily. it can be made of carbon steel, aluminum alloy. stainless steel, The tank has built-in multiple reinforced wave partition plates, and the bottom of the partition plate has through holes to reduce the impact of bitumen in the tank during driving and improve the strength of the tank body.

The combination tank mouth is located at the top of the tank body. There is a self-locking small cover above the large cover. The breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the large cover to ensure the same atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank. The pump oil system is installed, and the power is taken from the transmission side through the power take-off device. Two fire extinguishers and special tools. Compared with ordinary Fuel tankers, the fuel tank trailer can effectively improve transport efficiency, and save fuel consumption.

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