Edible / Cooking Oil Transport Semi Trailer

Effective volume of the tank: 38 cubic meters, medium: edible oil, density: 0.8 tons / cubic meter, external dimensions of the tank (mm): the front end of the tank (long x long axis x short axis): 3700 x 2480 x 1800; tank Body thickness (long x long axis x short axis): 8900 × 2480 × 2100 (the actual size is the front end: 3600 × 2280 × 1600; size: 8800 × 2280 × 1900), and the thickness of the insulation layer is 100mm. Protective material: Q235 carbon steel, connection method: Welding connection is used for the left and right side and rear lower protection. The rear protective section size (mm): 120 × 50 × 5, the rear protective ground clearance (mm): 520.
Oil tank truck (oil tank truck): also known as mobile refueling truck, computer tax controlled refueling truck, oil guide tank truck, oil loading truck, oil transport truck, oil truck, oil transport truck, mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, and coal tar oil products).

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Product Features

Stainless steel, stainless steel, according to the needs can also be used aluminum alloy, pure aluminum can, lined with rubber, rolling plastic, plastic cans, glass steel cans;
1. Tank shape square, oval, round;
The oil pump has a self-priming pump, gear pump, double pump;
2. Can be designed as a special vehicle for chemical transport;
Separate silos for different oil products. It can realize pumping in and out, self-flowing, optional loading flow meter, computerized tax control tanker, 15-meter refueling coil (can automatically return to position), tank body is equipped with a multi-channel anti-wave baffle so that the tank body has high strength, the center of gravity, vehicle transport safety and stability.

Product Parameters

Edible oil transport semi-trailer Main technical parameters
product name: cubic edible/cooking oil transport semi-trailer Dimensions: 12990×2500×3850(mm)
Total mass: 40000(Kg) Approach / departure angle: -/20(°)
Rated mass 29000(Kg) Front overhang: -/1440(mm)
Number of a : 3 Front track: -/1840/1840/1840(mm)
Wheelbase: 7200+1350+1350 Rear track : 1840/1840/1840(mm)
Number of tire: 12 Tire specifications: 11.00-20 12PR,11.00R20 12PR,12R22.5 12PR

Application and After-Sales Service

The volume of the fuel tankers transport semi-trailer can be customized, to reach 40,000 liters, 45,000 liters, 54,000 liters, up to 90,000 liters. With the different compartments, like two, three, four, or more compartments, to load different liquid. The liquid tanker semi-trailer used for carrying different liquid like fuel, petrol, water, palm oil, bitumen asphalt etc.
1. We can provide customers with different volumes of oil tankers.
2. We can produce according to customer demand.
3. The cabin customers of the tanker can choose according to their own requirements.
4. The tank body adopts longitudinal welding technology, which is highly sealed.
5. The configuration provided is the best.
6. Use high quality paint to prevent corrosion and prolong the service life of oil tankers.

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