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Flatbed Dump Trailer

Luyi 2/3/4 axles 40ft tipper trailer / skeleton / flatbed container tipper semi trailer with hydraulic cylinder
According to clients’ requirements, we can customize different axles and loading weight. The popular tipper trailer models include: 2 axles 40tons dump semi trailer, 3 axles 60tons dumper trailer, 3 axles 80tons front lifting tipper trailer, tri axles 100tons end dump truck trailer, and various other weight dump semi-trailer customized as per customer request.

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Product Features

1. The flatbed dump trailer can load 20ft/30ft/40ft45/ft container, it is suitable for transporting scattered coal, ore, construction materials and other bulk cargo. The use of dump trailers can be divided into two categories: one is off-highway transportation of heavy and ultra-heavy dump trucks, which are mainly responsible for large-scale mining, engineering and other transportation tasks, and generally support the use of excavators. Another part of the road transport of light and medium dump trailers is mainly responsible for the transportation of ordinary sand, clay, coal and other bulk cargoes, often supporting the use of loaders.
2. Adopt rollover and rear compartment dumping modes, which can effectively improve the efficiency of transporting loose bulk cargo by the loader.
3. The longitudinal beam frame and the frame are welded by high-quality manganese plate, and there are two kinds of containers. All have high strength, lifting capacity, stiffness, toughness, strong load carrying capacity, and no permanent deformation.
4. Advanced technology: the use of Dutch Hyward (HYVA) hydraulic lifting cylinder, lifting performance is stable, using precision assembly shaft assembly machine, steel spring automatic submerged arc welding longitudinal beam.
5. Can be designed according to the different needs of customers, or tell us your different media goods, we will design the corresponding models for you to meet the individual requirements of customers.

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Product Parameters

Dimension(Optional) Axle No. Rated Load (kg) Tire No. Tire Size

By Customer Needs

2 40000 8 11.00R20/12R22.5/315 385 Tire
3 60000 12
Dimensions 8500-11500mm*2500mm*2500mm-3600mm
30T-70T 30T-70T
Leaf-spring Leaf spring 10pcs*90*13mm
Axle 2/3 axle  FUWA/BPW/SAF/L1 brand or China local brand 13T/15T/16T
Suspension Mechanical suspension (brand optional)
Lifting system HYVA hydraulic system
Main Beam Material Heavy duty and extra durability designed I beam; opting for high tensile steel Q345, welded by automatic submerged-Arc processes. Top flange 18mm,width140mm;Middle Flange 14mm height 500mm;bottom flange20mm,width 140mm
Brake System Dual line braking system with automatic braking system/chambers
Kingpin 2′ or 3.5′ Interchangeable
Landing gear JOST or other brand two-speed, landing gear 28T
Floor Thickness 4mm/6mm/8mm/10mm
Side wall Thickness Height 1000mm-2100mm thickness 3mm/6mm/8mm
Brake System WABCO RE6 relay valve ;T30/30 spring brake chamber;40L air tanks
Brake Air Chamber Four double and two single chamber
Electrical System 24V, 7core socket, lights according to European standards.

Main beam Size

Upper plate 14mm
Lower plate 16mm
Mid Web 8 mm
Height 500-520mm
Tool Box 1 box of standard tools
Spare tire carrier 2 sets
Color and Logo Depends on the buyer’s requirement.
Pin Height According to the height of the tractor saddle.
Painting Three coats painting; Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust ,1coat of anticorrosive prime,2coats of final paint Any color will be available
Application For Coal. Ore. Sand. Stone. Grain Transport
Accessories One standard tool box、one spare tire carrier、one crank、one shaft head wrench、four side light、two rear light

After sales service

OEM: Accept OEM/ODM, provide professional trailer designed solutions
Main Parts: Offer all kinds of dump trailer parts, delivery within 3 days
Transportation with high efficiency: Ship container tipper trailer to your country or any designated port

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