Flour Transport Tank Truck Trailer

The flour transport tank truck the full name of powder. Material carrier, it is suitable for Fly ash, cement, lime powder, Ore powder, particle alkali, etc. The diameter shall not be greater than 0.1 mm. Transportation of dry materials in bulk. Powder carrier is one kind. The flour transport tank truck is used In industry, agriculture, commerce, Power plant, construction, etc

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Product Features

The flour transport tank truck consists of two parts: the chassis of the vehicle and the special equipment for bulk transportation of powder grains. It mainly includes four parts: additional transmission system, tank assembly, piping system and the accessory device.

1. intake line
After the gas is output by the air compressor, through the check valve, ball valve into each cabin. A relief valve is installed before and after the check valve to prevent damage to the air compressor when the pipeline pressure is too high, and the relief valve adjusts the exhaust pressure. The secondary blow-up line, which is connected with the discharge line, plays the role of auxiliary blow-off when unloading. It is composed of a ball valve, rubber hose, and auxiliary blow valve. The blow-up valve can prevent the powder from entering the pipeline. The external air source is for the user not to use the car’s air compressor, but when using the outside compressed air equipped. A pressure relief valve is installed at the top of the tank to release the residual pressure in the tank before the user opens the lid and deflated when stopping discharging midway.
2. discharge line
The discharge line is mainly composed of suction port, butterfly valve, discharge steel pipe, discharge pipe joint, discharge hose and so on. Unloading hose: use the wear-resistant steel wire to discharge hose.

Product Parameters

The saddle can carry 16800kg in other dimensions
The number of tires 12 traction bonding surface height according to customer requirements mm
Traction neck thickness according to customer requirements mm front suspension radius -/1240mm
The payload is 28000kg and the vehicle has a mass of 7000kg
Wheelbase 7060+1150+1150mm shaft moment 7060+1150+1150mm
Maximum shaft load of 14600kg -/18000(Three-axis group & # 41;kg
The maximum loading mass is 40000kg and the maximum speed is 80km/h
Saddle height 1568mm origin Tangshan
Processing customization is the other kind

Application and After-Sales Service

40 cubic flour tanker price floating design novel, durable. Gasbag bearing capacity is large, unloading speed is fast and the residual quantity is small. The integrated tank body has the characteristics of high overall strength, good rigidity, good pressure and good performance. The fluidized bed in the tank is designed scientifically and arranged reasonably, which can effectively shorten the unloading time and reach 1.4t/min, improve the capacity utilization rate of the tank, and reduce the remaining ash rate, which is 0.2%. The tank body of powder material transport truck adopts the double conical interior inclined horizontal structure, double tube air intake and double tube feeding, and its discharging speed and residual rate are in line with the industry standard requirements.2. The top part mainly includes the transmission system, tanks, piping system, the accessory device, vice beam four parts, 3. The working principle of the powder tank car: car engine power by power, the driveshaft is passed to the air compressor, such as the mobile device produced by air compressor compressed air into the tank, after liquefaction, the liquefaction plant powder material for the tank inside and outside differential pressure, powder materials along with the air discharge pipe to the position, four, powder of fluidization is introduced: when the gas from the lower part of the container into the powder layer, if the gas velocity exceeds a certain value (cement of 0.015 m/s). Product update speed is fast, brings strong and continuous market demand. Bulk equipment transport low plate semi-trailer itself has a small variety because equipment transport low plate semi-trailer is a small variety of bulk products. The service life is relatively short, the utilization rate is relatively high and the production cycle is short (the life span is 3~5 years). Tank container transport frame semi-trailer price products on the market after easy to form a mass production, and can be balanced production, so can produce economies of scale. After one year or thirty thousand kilometers of service, lithium grease is added to ensure the gear parts are in normal use. Three reasons for trailer tail swing and their corresponding solutions there are several reasons for trailer tail swing: the main car runs diagonally (mainly due to the improper driving wheel, generating thrust Angle)

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