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Features and uses of 3 Axles 40Ft dry van box semi-trailer

3 Axles 40Ft dry van box semi-trailer has the advantages of high safety factor and strong practical performance. At present, in China, there are some such brands that are still technically strong and suitable for most people. There are more than 1...

The operation method of grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer

Grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer is a trailer used for loading oversized and overweight cargo. The basic form of the semi-trailer is a single flatbed trailer. It generally has the following structure. Frame and axle. The two axles are m...

Structural characteristics of wing van semi box trailer

Wing van semi box trailer is modified on the chassis of a van or manufactured separately. It can be mainly divided into a passenger compartment and a compartment. The biggest difference between the two is that the front of the van is separated fro...

Application advantages of sidewall cargo semi-trailer

The modernization of China’s logistics equipment is manifested by the extensive use of mechanized loading and unloading tools and high-efficiency transport vehicles, as well as good and safe cargo fixing devices to ensure the safety of goods...

Technical application of refrigerated truck trailers /dry van semi-trailer

Nowadays, many large and medium-sized cities use refrigerated trucks for the transportation of goods. Because the industry penetration rate is still low, there are still a large number of food, meat, fruits, vegetables, medicines, alcohol, etc. th...

Transportation requirements of cng container storage/tanker trailer

Cng container storage/tanker trailer the structure of the oil tank is an elliptical cylindrical or trapezoidal cylindrical body, made of high-quality steel plate. The whole tank body can be divided into a single warehouse or multiple warehouses. T...

Techniques to reduce the risk of chemical tanker containers/Lpg trailers

How to reduce the risk of Chemical tanker containers/Lpg trailers? Liquefied petroleum gas is a flammable and explosive substance, and most of the accidents that occur are instantaneous explosions, and there is not enough time to fight the fire. O...

A detailed description of sewage tank semi-trailer

Sewage tank semi-trailer is made of ordinary dump trucks with a closed cargo top cover. The cargo compartment is tilted when unloading, and the sewage is automatically discharged by gravity. This method of unloading sewage can only unload sewage t...