Potable Liquid Water Tank Trailer

A potable liquid water tank trailer, including tanker and semi-trailer, is designed to carry water , freshwater, milk, beer, wine, etc. on the roads for transporting. We provide all sizes of the potable liquid truck, semi-trailer, full trailer, etc, with capacities ranging from 2cbm to 120cbm.

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Product Features

1. Carrying for water, fuel, petroleum, crude oil, Diesel, Gasoline Fuel, asphalt, chemicals, corrosives, petrochemicals, and fertilizer. etc.
2. Proven two-piece barrel design with a single circumferential seam.
3. A wide variety of vapor recovery systems, piping arrangements, and discharge systems available.
4. Compartment sizes, capacities, and bulkhead configurations can be custom designed to meet your needs.
5. Also now available in a Frameless design to reduce overall weight and increase payload!
6. BPW, FUWA or Certificated Chinese Axles
7. ABS brake system
8. JOST or Chinese brand parking leg and kingpin
9. Air and Mechanical Suspension
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Product Parameters

Weight   Rating(kgs) Curb Weight about 7,000kg
Payload about 39,100kg
Total Weight about  46,100kg
Dimension(mm) Trailer 11800mm*2500mm*3900mm( Exact size depends on the final design)
Wheelbase 1310mm
Height of the fifth wheel 1250mm
Front overhang 1300mm
Rear overhang 1400mm
Tanker Body Assembly
Shape Square Round
Total Volume(m³) 46m³+2%
Material Tank shell AL5182/6mm
Dish end AL5182/7mm
Baffle AL5182/5mm
Spoil box Standard
Manhole 20inch manhole
Manhole Cover 3 units of 500mm aluminum manhole cover
Bottom Valve 4″ pneumatic aluminum valve
Piping System 3 sets of 4″ aluminum pipes under tank body
Discharging Valve 4″ aluminum ball valve
Main Beam Material: Q345 carbon steel
Height 500mm, Height 500mm,
Upper Thickness 14~18mm, Upper Thickness 14~18mm,
Middle Thickness 8~12mm, Middle Thickness 8~12mm,
Down Thickness 16~20mm Down Thickness 16~20mm
Landing Gear 28T one side Operation
King Pin One unit of 50# JOST standard bolt type kingpin
Running Gear
Suspension Mechanical suspension or Air suspension
Axle 2 or 3 axles, BPW/FUWA brand(Optional)
Leaf Spring 90(W)mm×16(Thickness)mm×8(Layer)
Brake System WABCO Valve with big chamber
Lights Turning Light, Side Marker Light, Tail Light
Voltage 24V
Receptacle 7 ways (7 wire harness)
Painting Original aluminum
ABS Optional
Accessories One standard toolbox, One anti-static tape,2 spare tire carrier, 2 units fire extinguisher
Shipping Terms By Bulk Cargo Carrier, RORO

Application and After-Sales Service

1. Good faith management is our philosophy and welcome visits to our company at any time.
2. According to your order, we provide a suitable trailer.
3. We also provide rational packing and shipping program, let shipment save money and security.
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