Tri-Axle Stainless Steel Tanker Semi Trailer

LUYI tri-axle Stainless steel tanker semi-trailer, adopt advanced design concept. We can customize the tankers for you according to your request. For this tanker trailer, the volume is 18000-70000 liters, 3axles 4axles 5axlesStainless steel tanker semi-trailer, used to load all kinds of liquid oils.
We will provide customers with the most economical design according to the loading equipment and the payload. ODM & OEM customize, the professional and technical team provide you the best design, free logo print. Trailer assembled under strict quality control, any process is inspected, the following specifications for your reference.

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Product Features

1. Stainless steel tank good sealing, sealing design completely eliminate the harmful substances and mosquitoes in the air dust into the tank, to ensure that the water quality is not polluted by the outside and breeding red insects.
2. Stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance, it is not by the outside air and water residual chlorine corrosion. Each spherical tank is subjected to super pressure test and inspection before delivery, and its service life under atmospheric pressure can reach more than 100 years.
3. Stainless steel tank without frequent cleaning; the sediment in the water can be discharged only by regularly opening the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Simple equipment can be used to remove scale once every 3 years, greatly reduce the cleaning cost and completely avoid human bacterial virus contamination.
4. Scientific water flow design makes the sediment at the bottom of the tank not to be flipped up due to the water flow, so as to ensure the natural stratification of domestic water and firewater, and reduce the turbidity of domestic water out of the tank by 48.5; but the water pressure increased significantly. It is beneficial to improve the performance of domestic water and fire water facilities.
5. The cylindrical structure, the form of a storage tank with flat bottom tank and inclined bottom tank, etc., the structure design is very humanized, strong operability, tank all adopt welding arc transition form, now no health dead Angle, using advanced water welding method to weld, appearance beautiful, neat, or with no stirring, stirring form with lateral mixing or at the top of the form.

Product Parameters

Name Stainless steel tanker semi-trailer
Trailer Model Round Shape or Ellipse
Outside Dimensions 11000mm-13000mmX2490mmX3950mm/3800mm-3900mm
Tare weight About 8-12.8T
Total Volume 25m³-60m³
Material 1.Q235B/Q345B carbon steel     2.5XCT4aluminum5454      3.304 stainless steel
Tanker Body Material 1. 6mm/5mm Q235B/Q345B carbon steel

2. 7mm/6mm 5XCT4 aluminum 5454

3. 5mm/4mm 304 stainless steel

Axles 13T/16T, FUWA/BPW/HuaJing brand
Axle Number 2/3/4/ Axle or multi-axle
Main Beam Height: 450mm-520mm, the upper plate thickness is 14mm-25mm, the middle plate thickness is 8mm-12mm, down plate thickness is 16mm-25mm; Material is Q345 manganese steel.
Tire 12R22.5/11R22.5/13R22.5/11.00R20/12.00R20(specification can be Optional)
King Pin JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5-inch bolts type or Welding type
Support legs JOST/FUWA/YAHUA brand or China brand 28ton(two speed or single speed)
Rear ladder Dismountable or foldaway
Wheelbase 8050/7650+1300mm, 5060/6660/6960/6580+1310+1310mm
Spring leaf 8/10/12/16 pieces
Manhole Cover 2/3/4/5/6 piece Carbon steel API manhole cover, 500mm European standards
Brake Chamber 6 double brake chamber
Electrical System 24V, 7core socket, lights according to European


Accessory One tooling boxes, Two spare tire carrier, Two fire extinguisher
Other tools A waterproof toolbox. (equipped with 1 unit Tire spanner,1 unit gudgeon sleeve, and 2 unit cranking bar and instruction manual)
Discharge mouth diameter is 280mm
Receptacle 7ways (7wire harness)

Application and After-Sales Service

The main advantages of using carbon and stainless on trailers include:
1. Steel has high strength and is not damaged easily
2. The price of steel is competitive and hence steel is popular in developing countries
3. Carbon steel is easy to weld
4. Steel is less prone to stress crack, which is common with aluminum
5. The stainless steel is resistant to rust, can use to transport edibles
6. The main disadvantages of using carbon steel are:
7. Carbon steel requires galvanizing or painting on the surface to prevent rusting
8. It has a higher density than aluminum alloy

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