Wine Stabilizer


Potassium polyaspartate is the potassium salt of polyaspartic acid, produced from food grade L-aspartic acid and potassium hydroxide. 

Polyaspartic Acid Potassium Salt (Potassium polyaspartate, CAS Number 64723-18-, is proposed for use as a stabiliser against tartrate crystal precipitation (anti-scaling additive) in wine (red, rosé and white wine), with a maximum use level of 300 mg/L and typical levels in the range of 100-200 mg/L. 

Features & Functions:

• Strongly effective for tartrate stabilization in red and rosé wines: potassium polyaspartate interferes with the formation and growth of potassium bitartrate crystals, thus preventing their precipitation in bottle. It can stabilize highly unstable wines. Rapid and easy-to-use, is a great alternative to physical treatments (cooling, cations exchange resins and electrodialysis) and other stabilizing agents.

• Long-lasting stabilizing effect: It can stabilize wines for a few years. 

• Environmentally sustainable: the use of Potassium polyaspartate to stabilize wines for tartrates consumes small amount of water, power and produces little greenhouse gases. 

• Respectful of wine quality: no impact on wine sensory profile, less risk of oxidation, preservation of aromatics, color and wine structure. 

• Practical, fast and easy: Its application does not require investment in special equipment or specific skilled labor. 

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