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A detailed description of sewage tank semi-trailer


Sewage tank semi-trailer is made of ordinary dump trucks with a closed cargo top cover. The cargo compartment is tilted when unloading, and the sewage is automatically discharged by gravity. This method of unloading sewage can only unload sewage to a position lower than the carriage. When unloading, the sewage is flying and the blanking area is large. The ash discharging semi-trailer uses a screw conveyor mounted on the car to discharge ash and adjust the height of the screw conveyor. The sewage can be discharged to different heights, and the flying of sewage can be reduced, but the ash unloading mechanism is easy to wear due to the direct push of sewage. Appeared in the 1960s, it is relatively easy to use. Its cargo compartment is a tank container, which is placed upright or inclined on the car frame. The center of gravity of the horizontal tank is low, and the vehicle runs stably, and it is used more. The tank body is welded by a steel plate or aluminum plate, or it can be made of glass steel.

A detailed description of sewage tank semi-trailer

1. Walking part: use #90 traction pins, 3 13-ton Fuhua bridges, with automatic adjustment arms, 16-ton brake pads, 28-ton legs, 2-axle ABS, 4 leaf springs, 12 12.00 tubeless tires+ Ordinary steel ring, with splash-proof mudguard, a toolbox, a spare tire rack. Transport medium: water purification agent.

2. Sewage tank semi-trailer tank body part: the net volume of the tank body is 29 cubic meters after being lined with plastic. The size of the whole vehicle and the outer dimensions of the tank body is made according to the announced size. The tank body is made of high-quality WISCO Q235 plate, the cylinder body is 5mm thick, the head is 6mm thick, with walkways, movable guardrails, two steel-lined plastic wave boards, the inside of the tank is transitioned through a 4mm diamond-shaped reinforcing mesh, and the inner is lined with 16mm PE7042 poly Ethylene, the two full plastic feed ports on the top of the tank are connected to the acid tray and led down by a hose. There are two breathing valves on the top of the tank. A DN100 PTFE pneumatic butterfly valve at the bottom of the tank is used as the main valve. The all-plastic ball valve has a discharge port (discharge port with a protective box), discharge from the tail, a ladder at the front and rear of the tank, barrel tubes on both sides, and SBS corrosion protection on the top of the tank.

3. Others: Sewage tank semi-trailer tank body is made of dark gray acid and alkali resistant paint, with reflective tape, reflective strip, sprayed with the word “Special for water treatment”, a safety notice board with safety notice, two equal length acid-resistant pipes, two A 4KG fire extinguisher, two locks, complete gas circuit. Issue an invoice for listing and a certificate of conformity for the vehicle.