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Container Side Loader / Lifter Trailer

LUYI 40ft Container Side Loader is used for loading and unloading 40ft container or 20ft container. Lifting Capacity: The max. lifting capacity is 40 tons to meet your transport requirement. LUYI 40ft Container Side Loader adopts wireless remote control technology, loading container just takes 10 mins.

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Product Features

1. container side loaders for handling 40-foot containers and 20-foot containers.
2. lifting capacity: maximum. The lifting capacity is 40 tons to meet your transportation requirements.
3. the container side loader adopts wireless remote control technology, which only takes 10 minutes to load.
4. power source, container side loader, equipped with power take-off unit (PTO) or diesel power unit (APU), while the crane is usually powered by a trailer-mounted diesel engine, the crane is sometimes powered by a PTO at the truck head.
Moving containers from side lifts to flat-topped or skeleton trucks is a simple process. When the stabilizer is extended, there is enough room for the selected trailer to return to the position under the stabilizer during loading. If not, once the flat top or skeleton trailer is placed next to it, the stabilizer can be lowered. Normally, there is a clearance of more than 300 mm on each side of the transfer trailer.

Product Parameters

Container Side Lifter Semi-Trailer
Max. lifting capacity(kg) 37000
Max. working range(mm) 4000
Max. stabilizer outreach(mm) 3200
Curb mass (kg) 14500
Mass of sidelifter (kg) 7250
Maximum gross mass (kg) 40000
Outline dimension of semi-trailer(L×W×H)(mm) 14100×2500×4000
Outline dimension of side-lifter(L×W×H) (mm) 1020×2500×2490
Wheel base (mm) 8000+1350+1350
Track(front axle/rear axle) (mm) 1820/1820/1820
Front overhang / Rear overhang(mm) -/2370
Approach angle/Departure angle (°) -/13
Power/rotation speed (kW/r/min) 36.5/2600
Emission standard Off-road, Euro III
Trailer skeleton kind
Trailer Overall Dimension 14100x2480x1510mm empty load
Loading weight(kgs) 50000
Wheelbase 1350
Tire 13/11.00r20
Braking ABS

3 axle Container side loader or side loader lifter trailer self-loading container lift truck
The distance between trailer and container Optimum distance: 400mm
The largest distance: 1500mm
Side Lifter Specification Design criteria: GB/T 3811-2008
Side Lifter Crane Quality Side Crane
Max. lifting capacity 40000kg
Max. stabilizer outreach 3200mm
Max. working range 4000mm
Max. the pressure of hydraulic 28MPa
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic pump: Italian CASAPPA
Electric control system Hydraulic control valve: Netherlandish AMCA
Telecontroller: German NBB
Voltage: 12V
Two chains: lugs (imported)
Diesel engine Japanese Kubota diesel engine

Application and After-Sales Service

item Name Warranty Item Name Warranty
Main Beam 2 Years Spare Wheel Carrier 3 Months
Frame 1 Year Axle 3 Months
Suspension 3 Months Axle-Bearing 3 Months
King Pin 3 Months Wheel Hub 3 Months
Balance Arm 3 Months Leaf Spring 3 Months
Brake Drum 3 Months Brake Chamber Diaphragm 3 Months
Brake Chamber 3 Months Brake Shoe 3 Months
Air Reservoir 3 Months Relay Valve 3 Months
Landing Gear 3 Months Emergency Relay Valve 3 Months

1. 24 HOURS of online services
2. Timely parts supply guarantee vehicles work continuously.
3. Regularly callback to know the vehicle’s working status.

Parameters of side crane 40ft box tractor need to meet

A. Traction seat model is 90#;
B. Traction seat should be matched with plate spring suspension;
C. No-load towing seat 1290 ~ 1325mm above ground, suitable for semi-trailer, Ensure that after hanging the semitrailer, the difference between the front end and rear end of the semitrailer is no more than 50mm; This is very important!!
D. The front clearance radius is ≥2500mm, and the rear gyration radius is ≤2250mm.
E. The actual total weight of the semi-trailer shall be 50000kg or above.
F. Equipped with 8 internal spline output force extractor (output torque not less than 500Nm, direct pump)

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