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Economic benefits of 2 Axle Flat Bed Container Trailer


2 Axle Flat Bed Container Trailer is a transportation method in which a large variety of goods, various shapes, and sizes are packed into standard size A boxes before transportation to facilitate water, land, and air combined transportation. It can realize loading, unloading, and transportation mechanization, Standardization is an important part of transportation modernization. Now Shandong Luyi Vehicle Co., Ltd. will introduce the characteristics of flatbed container trailers.

Features of 2 Axle Flat Bed Container Trailer

1. Flat Bed Container Trailer is the auxiliary equipment for cargo transportation.
2. Flat Bed Container Trailer is the transportation of a certain number of single goods in a specific box as a transport unit. In order to meet the needs of different goods, containers are designed into various types, such as dry cargo containers, refrigerated containers, hanging containers, open-cover containers, and so on.
3. The goods transported by the Flat Bed Container Trailer include FCL (the shipper loads the goods in the factory or warehouse by himself and sends them directly to the container yard) and LCL (the goods of several shippers are sent to the yard, The carrier organizes the assembling of goods sent to the same location) two packing methods.

Economic benefits of 2 Axle Flat Bed Container Trailer

The economic benefits of 2 Axle Flat Bed Container Trailer are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Simplify packaging and save a lot of packaging costs. In order to prevent the goods from being damaged during transportation, strong packaging is necessary, and the container has the characteristics of strong and sealed, and it is an excellent packaging in itself. The use of containers can simplify packaging, and some do not even need packaging, so that unpackaged transportation of groceries can be realized, which can greatly save packaging costs.

2. Reduce cargo damage and improve cargo quality. Since the container is a solid and sealed box, the container itself is a solid packaging. After the goods are packed and sealed, there is no need to unpack and reload on the way, one ticket to the end, even after long-distance transportation or multiple repackaging, it is not easy to damage the goods in the box. Container transportation can reduce cargo damage and cargo difference caused by theft, moisture, pollution, etc. It is very popular among cargo owners and shipping companies. Moreover, due to the reduction of cargo damage and cargo difference rate, it reduces the waste of social wealth and also has great social benefits.

3. Reduce operating costs and reduce transportation costs. Because container loading and unloading are basically not affected by the harsh weather, the unproductive berthing time of ships is shortened, and because of the high efficiency of loading and unloading, the loading and unloading time is shortened, which can improve navigation for shipping companies. Rates, lower shipping costs, and for ports, can increase berth throughput, thereby increasing throughput and increasing revenue.

As the 2 Axle Flat Bed Container Trailer is transported between different modes of transportation, there is no need to move the cargo in the box but only need to change the container, which improves the efficiency of the reloading operation and is suitable for combined transportation between different modes of transportation. During the reloading and transshipment, the customs and relevant supervision units only need to seal or inspect and transfer the goods, thereby improving transportation efficiency.