The mechanism of action and application effect of fertilizer synergist-polyaspartic acid

  • Reduce fertilizer use and increase efficiency

Reduce the loss of chemical fertilizers, activate nutrient elements, and improve fertilizer utilization.

  • Promote absorption of trace elements

PASP contains carboxyl groups, which can quickly combine with nutrient ions and exchange with the H+ secreted by crop roots to complete the process of nutrient ions being absorbed by crops. The PASP monomer itself can form a chelate with divalent ions, so that the middle and trace elements Mg2+, Fe2+, Zn2+, etc. are easily absorbed by plants, so the crop has good taste, storage stability and high yield.

  • Promote growth and increase yield

Experiments have proved that the mixed use of PASP and chemical fertilizers for different crops reflects the same results, that is, the output increases by about 10-25%, and the economic benefits are significantly improved.

  • Improve crop quality

PASP achieves the coordinated supply of crop nutrients and improves crop quality by promoting the absorption of middle and trace elements; it avoids malnutrition and the use of hormones caused by malformed fruit, bald tip, cracked fruit and poor coloration.

  • Promote root growth and enhance stress resistance:

PASP is not a hormone, but it can effectively promote the development of the root system, make it grow longer roots and more root hairs, increase the surface area of ​​the root, improve the ability of crops to absorb nutrients, and enhance the crop's lodging resistance, drought resistance, cold resistance, Resistance to disease and other adversity.

  • Green environmental protection, improve soil

First of all, polyaspartic acid itself is non-toxic, non-polluting, degradable, free of hormones, free of heavy metals, and environmentally friendly products without any negative effects. Secondly, it can reduce the adverse effects of excessive fertilization on the environment, and it can also activate the fixed nutrient elements in the soil, which not only improves the fertilizer utilization rate, but also improves the soil quality.

  • Easily degraded

It is degraded into aspartic acid to supplement the plant with amino acid. After being absorbed by the plant, it promotes the cycle of tricarboxylic acid and improves the physiological activity of crops. 

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