Iminodisuccinic acid calcium salt (IDS-Ca)

Iminodisuccinic acid calcium salt (IDS-Ca)

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Iminodisuccinic Acid Calcium Salt

Another name: IDS-Ca

Iminodisuccinic acid calcium salt (IDS-Cn) is a kind of chelated calcium fertilizer, which provides calcium nutrition for crops. It can be used directly or added to water-soluble fertilizer or foliar fertilizer.

The main products of Iminodisuccinic acid Metal salt fertilizer series are Na, K, Ca, Mg, Zn,Fe, Si etc.

Technical Specifications



Physical Appearance



pH value 



Calcium [% w/w] on dry weight basis




  • Greatly improve the absorption rate of calcium fertilizer: the calcium fertilizer sprayed on the fruit or leaves can quickly penetrate the fruit surface or the cuticle of the leaves and enter the fruit or leaves. Since the area of the leaves is much higher than that of the fruit, this greatly improves Supplement the total area of calcium absorption, avoiding a lot of waste of calcium on the leaf surface
  • Increase production: correct the symptoms of calcium deficiency in crops, effectively prevent physiological diseases such as fruit cracking and leaf burn caused by calcium absorption barriers, increase crop disease resistance and storage time, and improve the appearance, quality, shelf life and taste of fruits
  • High stress resistance: enhance crop resistance to drought, salt damage, freezing damage, sunburn, pests and diseases, etc.;
  • No pollution and phytotoxicity Chelating agent: biodegradable


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