Iminodisuccinic acid zinc salt (IDS-Zn)

Iminodisuccinic acid zinc salt (IDS-Zn)

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Iminodisuccinic acid zinc salt (IDS-Zn)

Iminodisuccinic acid zinc salt (IDS-Zn) is a kind of chelated zinc fertilizer, which provides zinc nutrition for crops. It can be used directly or added to water-soluble fertilizer or foliar fertilizer.

The main products of Iminodisuccinic acid Metal salt fertilizer series are Na, K, Ca, Mg, Zn,Fe, Si etc.

Technical Specifications



Physical Appearance



pH value 



Zinc [% w/w] on dry weight basis




  • Fast zinc supplementation: This product can be directly absorbed and utilized by crop leaves, rhizomes, and fruits, and has a zinc supplementation speed and nutrient utilization rate that conventional zinc fertilizers cannot match.
  • Disease prevention and stress resistance: This product can effectively prevent and correct the physiological symptoms of crop weakness, malnutrition, small leaves, yellow leaves, short plants, etc. caused by zinc deficiency.
  • Nourish leaves and strengthen leaves: This product can nourish leaves very well, improve leaf cell activity and photosynthetic transformation efficiency, promote leaf growth and development, and make leaves green, plump and shiny.
  • Improve pollination: This product can increase the success rate of pollination, promote flower formation, fruit swelling, and full grain.
  • Prevent premature aging: This product can improve the activity of crop cells, prevent premature aging of plants, and prolong the harvest period.


Corn, Onions, soybeans, potatoes, wheat etc


IDS is alkaline, pay attention to labor protection during operation, avoid contact with skin, eyes, etc., rinse with plenty of water after contact.

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