Polyaspartic acid Potassium Salt (PASP-K)

Polyaspartic acid Potassium Salt (PASP-K)

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Polyaspartic acid Potassium Salt 

CAS No. 64723-18-8

Another name: Potassuim Polyaspartate, PASP-K

Polyaspartic acid Potassium salt (PASP-K) is a water-soluble polymer that  is often be used as fertilizer and pesticide additives to improve crop absorption and utilization of fertilizers and pesticides. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, pollution-free and completely biodegradable.

Polyaspartic Acid Metal Salts ,Metal could be Na+, K+, Ca+, NH4+, etc

Technical index



Physical Appearance



pH value






Potassium [% w/w]



Mechanism of action:

1. As a high molecular polymer, polyaspartic acid can activate the soil, has a strong ability to chelate ions, deprive metal ions in phosphate, and promote the absorption of phosphorus by plants.

2. Polyaspartic acid substances can participate in the plant's tricarboxylic acid cycle, which is completely absorbed and utilized by plants, promotes plant growth, and can be degraded and absorbed without residual harm.

3. It can promote the growth of plant roots, and potassium can improve plant resistance to stress (improve drought and cold resistance).

4. The polyaspartic acid substance itself is a scale inhibitor and dispersant, which can prevent the drip irrigation pipeline from scaling, alleviate soil hardening and salinization, and improve the soil environment.

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