Heptadecenyl Hydroxyethyl Imidazoline Quaternary Ammonium Salt (water-soluble)

Heptadecenyl Hydroxyethyl Imidazoline Quaternary Ammonium Salt (water-soluble)

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1. Appearance: brownish red liquid

2. Ion type: cation

3.PH value (5% aqueous solution): 4-6

4. Active matter content (%): 70±2

5. Solubility: soluble in water and low-carbon alcohol

Product performance and usage

1. It has good biodegradability and is conducive to environmental protection.

2. The product adsorbed on metal surface can present tight and uniform protective film, which has an excellent corrosion inhibition effect.

It is a widely used variety of general organic corrosion inhibitors.

3. Good heat stability, no decomposition when exposed to heat.

Suitable for anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection during oil field water injection and transportation, oil refinery refining, equipment pickling, electroplating process, machine processing.

Packaging and storage

Packed in 200 kg drums, ventilated and protected from light, the shelf life is one year.


This product is a neutral liquid, non-toxic and non-flammable. Please avoid contact with skin and eyes when using. If it gets into eyes accidentally, rinse with water.

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