Heptatenylamino Ethyl Imidazoline (oil-soluble)

Heptatenylamino Ethyl Imidazoline (oil-soluble)

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1. Appearance: viscous liquid or paste

2. PH value: 8~10

3. Content (%): 98±2



1. Viscous liquid. Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, chlorinated hydrocarbons, mineral oil, toluene, low-carbon alcohol, etc.

2. It has wetting, lubricating and anti-rust properties, is a good absorption type oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor.

3. Good heat stability, no decomposition when exposed to heat.



1. Applicable to preservatives for metal processing parts.

2. Used in oil mining and processing as acid preservative to inhibit acid corrosion to oil wells and oil pipelines.

3. It is suitable for producing asphalt emulsifier.


◆Packaging and storage

Packed in 200 kg drums, ventilated and protected from light, stored in a warehouse.

Shelf life: one year



This product is a neutral liquid, non-toxic and non-flammable. Please void contact with skin and eyes when using. If it gets into the eyes accidentally, rinse with water.

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