Sewage Tank Semi Trailer

Sewage tank semi-trailer is a tank truck with a heavy-duty vacuum designed to pneumatically load fecal, solids, liquids, sludge, crude oil or slurry through suction lines in diameter with 3″ being the norm. We provide various sizes of sewage trailer trucks with capacities ranging from 2cbm to 18cbm.

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Product Features

sewage tank semi-trailer is a tank truck with a heavy-duty vacuum designed to pneumatically load solids, liquids, sludge or slurry through suction lines typically 2-4″ in diameter with 3″ being the norm. The typical pump used in the industry is the rotary vane vacuum pump. The truck can be configured to be a direct PTO/belt or a PTO/hydraulic drive system. There are two different ways to mount the pump either directly on the truck with PTO drive or on the trailer with a pony motor. Each application has different handling characteristics.

Product Parameters

Technical Parameter
Tank Trailer Overall Size (mm) 11840×2500×3500
Tare Weight (kg) 11000
Payload (kg) 40000
Tank capacity (liter) 25000
Tank material Q345
Tank thickness (mm) 8
Baffle & Ring 3 inner baffles and outside 5 rings
Water tank One set, capacity 1000liters
Discharge valve One set, 4” size
Sewage suction system Generator One set, Model type ZHBP1
Vacuum pump One set
Axle 3 axles 13tons, FUWA brand
Tire 11R22.5, a total of 13 pieces with one spare tire, triangle brand
Wheel rim 8.0R22.5, a total of 13 pieces with one spare tire, Sunrise brand
Landing leg 18tons, JOST brand
Kingpin 90#
Suspension Mechanical suspension, JOST brand
Brake System Air tank One set
Brake Chamber 6 pieces, 2 pieces T3030, 4pics T30
Air connector One set standard air connector
Valve One set, WABCO brand
Electrical system 7-PIN socket One set
Lamb One set of standard LED lights
Cable One set
Spare wheel carrier One set
Painting Complete Chassis sandblasting to clean rust, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint

Application and After-Sales Service

The trucks are often used by towns and municipalities for street cleanup, sewers, individual septic systems and can also be used for cleanup of contaminated soil. The trucks are used in the cleaning of sanitary sewer lift stations and in the pump out of grease interceptors that are required at many restaurants. The trucks are mostly used in the petroleum industry, for cleaning of storage tanks and spills. They are also an important part of drilling oil and natural gas wells, as they are located at the drilling site. Vacuum trucks are used to remove drilling mud, drilling cuttings, cement, spills, and for removal of brine water from production tanks. They dispose of this in sump pits, treatment plants or if within safe levels may be spread out in a farmer’s field.

Our factory

We are committed to the design and manufacture of tank vehicles. We have a strong design team with nearly 20 years of design experience, which can not only design and manufacture products but also provide professional technical services and solutions for customers’ transportation projects.
1: Our company promises a one-year warranty period, during this period, under normal use if there is damage to the accessories, we will provide our customers with free new accessories.
2: Operational problems, technical configuration issues, etc., We will promptly provide feasible solutions for our customers. We are investing in the construction of a number of the foreign service department, will be better to serve the global customers.
3: We are serious about after-sales service

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