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Technical characteristics of cement truck powder tank semi-trailer


Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer, also known as a bulk cement truck, is composed of special vehicle chassis, bulk cement truck tank, gas pipeline system, automatic unloading device, and other parts. It is suitable for the bulk transportation of dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali, etc. whose diameter is not greater than 0.1mm. It is mainly used for cement plants, cement warehouses, and large construction sites, which can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor.

The working principle of the Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer system is as follows: The working power is drawn from the automobile gearbox, and the air compressor is driven by the transmission device. The compressed air generated is entered into the air chamber through the control pipeline to make the powder material in the tank flow phenomenon. When the pressure reaches 0.196Mpa, open the discharge butterfly valve to realize discharge.

Advantages of Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer

Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer powder is not packaged in paper bags from the factory, transportation, and storage, and is directly shipped by powder tanker. It has the following advantages:
1. Reduce manpower consumption, increase labor productivity, and improve working conditions;
2. Save raw materials and paper bag packaging and crushing costs, and reduce transportation costs;
3. The cement loss is reduced, the loss rate is generally below 0.5%, and the bag loss rate is greater than this ratio;
4. To ensure the quality of cement, bulk cement is not susceptible to moisture during transportation, and it rarely deteriorates after one year of storage; 5. Reduce environmental pollution.

Technical characteristics of cement truck powder tank semi-trailer

1. Comply with the national regulations for rollover honing angle>or=32°standard.
2. The use of multi-section front overhead oil cylinders on the one hand can make the Powerpoint move forward, reduce the load of the oil cylinder, and work more smoothly. On the other hand, it can avoid the possible unbalanced state of the double oil cylinder. The entire process is completed within 2 minutes from standstill to the completion of the lift.
3. The tank body is made of q235a high-quality carbon steel plate, lined with a 2mm thick stainless steel plate, which can effectively prevent corrosion.
4. Hydraulic control of the opening and closing of the upper and rear covers. The rear cover adopts 4 bolt-type hydraulic locking devices and is equipped with removable ladder-type sealing rubber. In addition, manual backup locking devices are installed on the left and right sides of the lower part of the rear cover to ensure that there is no leakage of odor and sludge.
5. Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer adopts imported hydraulic operating system, the hydraulic lifting cylinder is 160-4.1m brand and other components adopt national well-known qualified products. It can be operated automatically and manually. The whole process of tank lifting-back cover latch release-open back covers, upper cover-self-unloading-close back cover, upper cover-latch lock-tank setting, all automatically controlled and operated by one person in the cab. Each hydraulic action is equipped with an interlock device, which can effectively prevent misoperation.
6. The upper feed port cover is hydraulically sliding in parallel, equipped with rubber seals, which can be closed and sealed to prevent gas leakage. The ladder and the upper platform of the tank are made of non-slip materials.
7. The opening size of the upper feed port: There are two feed ports in the middle, and the size of each feed port is l1500mm×w800mm.