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6X4 Dump Truck

According to clients’ requirements, we can customize different loading weight and volume. The popular dump truck models include: sinotruck HOWO 336hp 6X4 10 wheeler dump truck, sino truck 371hp ten wheeler dump truck, SINOTRUK howo 8X4 12 wheeler 40tons end dump truck and so on.

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Product Features

1. Mature technology, stable performance, low procurement cost, high operating profit, short investment return period.
2. Under off-road working conditions, the carrying capacity of road vehicles in the same power range is 30% higher than that of road vehicles in the same power range.
3. Specific product configurations are designed for different working conditions to achieve the best matching between operating capacity and benefits.
4. Safety and reliability: the main braking system, auxiliary braking system and parking braking system ensure the safety of the vehicle under any working conditions.
5. Our dump trucks can work in very harsh conditions and terrain.
6. We have adopted a new structural form of leaf spring, so our truck has more carrying capacity.
7. Increase the cargo hold capacity and improve the transportation efficiency.
8. We use the fully rigid frame cab, which has better safety, wider vision and larger control space, which improves the ride comfort and reduces the driver’s labor intensity.
9. Depending on the operating conditions, we have a 336-371-420 HP engine, large proportion, high torque gearbox.
10. Large bearing capacity: the 30T large deceleration drive axle is adopted to strengthen the suspension system, the high strength material frame guide rail, the tire model: 12.00R20 12r22.5 315/80r22.5.
11. Safe and reliable: the main braking system, auxiliary braking system and parking braking system ensure the safety of driving under any working conditions.

Product Parameters

                used Various types dump Truck
Power 336hp,371hp,375hp,380hp,
Drive form 6×4,6×2,4×2,8×4
Type of Vehicle used Dump Truck
Truck Brand Sinotruk Howo
Driving Position Left and right hand Driving
Fuel tanker capacity : 400L Loading Weight : 20-50 Ton
The Total Mass : 50,000kg Model : WD615.47
Dead Weight : 12290kg Emission : EURO 2,EURO 3
Max speed : 75km/h Kind of Fuel: Diesel
Color Optional (Red, yellow, white, green, blue, etc.)
Dimension(L×W×H)(unloaded) 8214x2496x3450mm
Cargo body size 5600x2300x1500mm
Fuel Consumption : 30L/100km Tire Type : 12.00R20

Application and After-Sales Service

1. Cabin: HW76 large and comfortable cabin. Four point suspension seat with spring and air damper, VDO panel, air conditioning.
2. Engine: 375hp-420hp WD615 engine (optional 290hp-420 HP)
Type: diesel four cylinder direct injection, six cylinder direct injection, turbocharged, internal cooling. Eu III emission standard.
3. Driving mode: left-handed or right-handed.
4. On-time delivery: regular special trucks in stock, special trucks delivered within 15 days.
5. Original spare parts supply for after sales service of trucks.

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