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Wing Van Semi Box Trailer

Luyi Wing Van semi box Trailer is also called wing van, double-wing truck, the Wing or side plate of van truck can be lifted and opened, takes advantage in rain-proof, dust-proof, shine-proof and anti-corrosion. The wingspan van trucks are widely used to load machines quickly and often used as an express truck for delivery. Wing Open Box Van Trailer applies to high-efficient loading and discharging operation.

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Product Features

1. Can carry all kinds of cargo, such as auto parts, paper, household electrical appliances, clothing, chemical industry, drinks, foods.
2. Good tightness, rainproof, dustproof, sunscreen, guard against theft, corrosion resistance.
3. The sidewall and back door can open, load and unload fast, high efficiency, save time, less manpower, save cost.

Product Parameters

Name Luyi Wing Van semi box Trailer
Axle number Two, Three or Four and more
Axle specs. FUWA ,YAHUA or BPW Brand
Suspension Mechanical or air suspension (American or German)
Rim 6.5-20/8.25-22.5/9.00*22.5 /80-.0-20/8.5-20
King Pin JOST 2″ or 3.5″ traction pin
Support legs JOST, FUWA or YAHUA brand 28T
Wheelbase 7180/6680/6260+1310+1310mm, Or other
Steel Spring 8/8/8, 10/10/10, 12/12/12 pieces per axle
Ladder Manual or hydraulic automatic
Electrical system 24V, 7 pin socket, One set 7-core standard Cable
Tire 8.25R20/8.25R16/11.00R22.5/12.00R22.5/10.00R20/11.00R20/12.00R20
Number of Tires 8 or 12 or 16 pieces
Spare Tire Carriers 2 pieces
The material of the Main beam Height: 450mm-520mm, the upper plate thickness is 14mm-25mm, the middle plate thickness is 8mm-12mm, down plate thickness is 16mm-25mm; Material is Q345 Carbon Steel.

Application of wing van trailer

Mainly used for distribution of packaging cartons or hard plastic boxes of food, beverages, medicines, and other lighter goods. Relative to the fully enclosed van semi-trailer trailer more suitable for loading and unloading these light goods, because it allows loading and unloading workers directly from both sides of the body unloading, eliminating the need for people to repeatedly enter and exit the interior of the envelope, you can load more More cargo, but also means that this semi-trailer more fuel-efficient, with the same fuel economy higher economic benefits.

After-sales service

1: Our company promises a one-year warranty period, during this period, under normal use if there is damage to the accessories, we will provide our customers with free new accessories.
2: Operational problems, technical configuration issues, etc., We will promptly provide feasible solutions for our customers. We are investing in the construction of a number of the foreign service department, will be better to serve the global customers.
3: We are serious about after-sales service.

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