Multi Axle Low Bed Trailer

Product Features1. High quality steel makes the trailer itself lighter, but stro

Product Features

1. High quality steel makes the trailer itself lighter, but strong enough for heavy cargo to allow the carrier to load more tons. 2. The most skilled workers make the welding of this low bed trailer more frequent and firm. 3. Two spare tire frame, water tank, oil tank, hydraulic ladder, etc., optional accessories, to create modern transportation. 4. We have standard 3 axle, 4 axle low bed trailer, 60 ton and 80 ton loading capacity; At the same time, we can customize your trailer with other options, such as 40 tons, over 100 tons.

Product Parameters

Overall Dimension16500*3000*1800mm or optional
Curb Weight13T
Loading Capacity40T, 50T, 60T, 70T, 80T, 90T, 100T
Main Beam Spec.T700/Q345 Steel, Height:500mm, Plate Thickness:8-16mm
Side FrameChannel Steel
Cross BraceChannel Steel/Bending Steel
SuspensionMechanical Suspension, Air Suspension or Optional
Leaf Spring10-layers leaf spring(90mm*13mm*10pcs)
Axle Spec.13T/16T/20T BPW or FUWA brand
King Pin2"(50mm)or3.5"(90mm) JOST Brand
Tire11.00R20/12.00R20/ 12R22.5
Brake Chamber6sets
Landing Gear28T*2, JOST brand
Accessories1 Standard Tool Box
Electric System24V, One Set 6-core Standard Cable
LightTail lamp with turn signal,brake light & reflector,side lamp etc
PaintingSand balsting,prime coating, surface painting,color opitional, wax polishing
LadderSpring or Hydraulic
PackingFCL Container, Ro-ro Shipment, Framework or Optional

Application and After-Sales Service

Respond to enquiries within 12 working hours; Experienced staff will answer all your questions. The customer's design can be used for certain products (OEM); Reasonable price of all kinds of engine machinery spare parts; All kinds of semi-trailers are available at competitive prices. We also provide various types of truck and trailer parts (original factory, OEM and replacement) and good quality to ensure the truck and trailer in good working conditions.


1. The height between the bearing surface of the low, high and low structure model and the ground is at least 29cm, and the height between the bearing surface of the high and low structure model and the ground is at least 80cm. 2. The weight is lighter, the standard load three bridge low plate weight of 6.5 tons, 100 tons of three-wire six axis low plate weight of 9.3 tons. 3. It can meet the need of centralized handling when loading large structures and equipment such as Bridges, transformers, mobile substations, drilling RIGS, excavators, etc. It is safer to use BPW. Fuwa, WABCO, JOST, Phillips and other leading brands in the industry to create the most advanced braking system, to provide customers with the safest large transport semi-trailer.