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Skeleton Semi-Trailer

Feature This series of products are divided into plate type, frame type, and gooseneck type. The longer on adopts the height from 280mm to 550mm, Of manganese plate welded into I-beam. Easy to transport standard and non-standard containers of diff...

Low Bed Semi-Trailer

Feature 1. There are flat plate type, concave beam type and tire exposed type structure, its frame is stepped, longitudinal beam section is i-shaped, It has the characteristics of high stiffness and high strength. 2. The main plane of the frame an...

Fence Semi-Trailer

Feature 1. The vehicle body is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology, strict production process, the structure of the vehicle, Theory, reliable performance, simple operation, beautiful appearance. 2. The warehouse grid semi-trailer frame...

Self-propelled Hydraulic Module Transport Trailer

Self-propelled modular trailer, also known as a self-propelled hydraulic module transport trailer, referred to as SPMT, evolved through the hydraulic module trailer. It is an oversized engineering logistics transportation equipment with its own dr...

Tri-Axle Grain Transportation Semi-Trailer

Like all kinds of semi-trailer manufacturers, we supply the grain transport semi-trailer options for different loading capacity. The self-loading and unloading grain transporter are also called bulk grain transporter. The self-loading and unloadin...