Fuel saving skills of fuel/oil tank semi-trailer

  • 2020-12-02
Everyone knows that keeping a car on a regular basis can save fuel, but fuel consumption is determined by many factors. Some friends must have never heard of the reasons for fuel consumption. How can a fuel/oil tank semi-trailer drive to save fuel? How to save fuel and become a current car owner Our most passionate topic, here is a summary of the five factors that affect fuel consumption, and teach you how to save fuel to drive a semi-trailer. 4 fuel-saving tips for semi-trailers, allowing you to save 30% of fuel costs.

Fuel-saving skills of fuel/oil tank semi-trailer

1. Temperature. Do you all know? The fuel consumption in winter and summer is actually different. There are many reasons for it. If we can attract attention, we will save a lot of fuel. The cold weather in winter increases resistance and reduces tire pressure. When the resistance increases, the fuel/oil tank semi-trailer needs to consume more gasoline to reach the same speed. As the tire pressure decreases, the rolling resistance of the tire will increase, and fuel consumption will also increase. In addition, it takes longer for the engine to reach the optimal operating temperature. 2. Tire pressure does not lose air, wide tires increase fuel consumption. Under-inflated or over-inflated tires will increase fuel consumption, and tire pressure should be checked regularly. However, you can rest assured that the Luyi EST super truck is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring module, which can monitor tire pressure in real-time and alarm abnormal conditions to ensure driving safety. At the same time, from the perspective of fuel economy, it is recommended that card friends do not change wide tires at will, otherwise, fuel consumption will increase with the increase of wheel resistance. 3. The accelerator is used as the brake, which saves fuel when running at medium speed. "If you step on the brakes too much, then pour oil on the ground" has been regarded by many car owners as the motto of the era of high oil prices. Master Yang Xinqing, a bus driver in Xi'an, is the "fuel-saving king" of China's urban buses. He can save up to 530 liters of fuel per month compared to other drivers. What he uses is the "predictive driving method." ——Control the speed in time according to the road conditions ahead, use the accelerator as a brake, and slow down in advance when encountering traffic lights, and give fuel to the complicated road conditions. Too fast or too slow will result in an increase in fuel consumption. For most trucks at present, 60KM to 80KM is the most fuel-efficient speed. 4. Load capacity. In order to make a single trip bring greater profits, some car owners choose to overload, not to talk about overloading fines, reduced vehicle reliability, increased risk factors, and other factors. From the perspective of fuel/oil tank semi-trailer fuel consumption and tire wear, overloading does not necessarily bring higher benefits to car owners. Therefore, every card friend pays attention to the above points when driving, not only allows you to drive a semi-trailer more fuel-efficient but also makes the driving process easier and safer!