Skeleton Semi-Trailer

  • 2020-05-10


This series of products are divided into plate type, frame type, and gooseneck type. The longer on adopts the height from 280mm to 550mm, Of manganese plate welded into I-beam. Easy to transport standard and non-standard containers of different sizes, especially used, In 20, 40, 48, 53 feet and other containers. Adopt a dual-pipe braking system, equipped with pneumatic braking system, parking braking system or ABS anti-lock braking system, Can choose the tonnage from 8 tons to 16 tons of all kinds of the domestic or imported axle, supporting device, traction pin, and system. The dynamic system can choose different brands of domestic or imported parts; The longer on adopts automatic buried welding; the frame is welded with carbon dioxide shielded welding; the whole car The frame is shot peening treatment to make the vehicle more beautiful, strong and durable. skeleton semi trailer

Our advantage

1. Advanced full-automatic submerged ARC welding process20ft container for sale. 2. We adopt one complete main beam, the whole complete main beam can improve the loading capacity by 20% and increasing the durability and balancing the load stresses more evenly for longer life. 3. Advanced technological design and strict quality control to avoid tire wear abrasion. After over a decade of research and strict quality control, we can ensure tires in a good condition without the problem of wear and abrasion within 20, 0000 kilometers running skeleton 20ft container for sale. 4. Reinforced for each important places, like reinforced suspension thickness is 8mm and diameter is 60mm and reinforced gooseneck of the main beam that the thickness and the gooseneck parts are strengthen by additional plate and braces.