Important features of 20Ft 2 axle skeleton trailer

  • 2020-11-18
20Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Trailer is a kind of container transport semi-trailer frame and the other is a flatbed type. The frame type car is welded by longitudinal beams, crossbeams, and front and rear beams. The longitudinal beams are welded into an I-shape with steel plate 16Mn submerged arc welding. The beams are stamped into grooves with steel plates, and the front and rear beams are welded rectangular sections. The middle container locking device is provided with an integral long beam to meet the carrying capacity of the container locking device. The difference between the flat type and the 20Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Trailer is that the flat type adds a frame and a patterned floor. The frame of the wooden container transport semi-trailer is all shot blasted, and the entire frame is assembled and welded on a dedicated positioning table. It has a reasonable structure, high strength, and a beautiful appearance. A container compaction device is installed on the frame, which can load two kinds of containers of 40 feet and 20 feet. The four container shrinking devices at the front and rear ends are of a fixed structure, and the middle container shrinking device is a concealable structure. When loading containers, the intermediate container locking device can be placed below the level of the cargo platform as required. 20Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Trailer uses a mechanical load-bearing device, which is used to support the ground and bear the front load of the semi-trailer when the traction device is disconnected from the trailer. There are two types of supporting devices, single-acting type, and linkage-type, which are mainly composed of a supporting plate, a screw drive mechanism, a reduction box, and a joystick.

Advantages of 20Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Trailer

1. The suspension device has a two-axis type Advantages: The box-type large box structure has good sealing performance for transporting goods, and the goods are not spilled, safe and reliable; the large column strengthens the strength of the side compartment of the whole vehicle, the anti-swelling box, and the upper part of the column is equipped with a horizontal tie rod to double guarantee the strength of the whole vehicle, safety factor. 2. The connection between the big box and the skeleton car adopts a flange locking structure Advantages: The flange lock structure is adopted to make the big box and the frame car fit closer, and the lock is firmer, making the vehicle safer and more reliable in transportation. 3. Standard high-temperature-resistant steel pipe Advantages: The high-temperature-resistant steel pipe has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance than ordinary plastic air pipes, so that the service life of the wire harness is safe and reliable, and it is not easy to be damaged. 4. The standard fire extinguisher is placed in the barrel, and the static electricity is towed Advantages: The barrel of fire extinguisher provides a reasonable and safe location for the fire extinguisher, which is convenient to use and has a safety factor; the static conductive drag zone prevents the hazardous chemical transport vehicle from causing fire or fire due to static electricity during transportation and filling and helps to dissipate static electricity and keep it at a relatively low level. The effect of low potential value greatly improves transportation safety.

Important features of 20Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Trailer

1. The overall size limit, the length of the vehicle transporter is 20-25 meters (most users of the original vehicle transporter with the original length less than 20 meters make more than 20 meters), and the car can carry 12-25 cars; the structure has a single upper row And the upper double row. 2. The main powerlifting mechanism of the 20Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Trailer is limited to the lower platform driven by the oil cylinder to complete the lifting operation. 3. Most of the transitional steps are manually operated, labor-intensive, and easy to touch the car. 4. The upper platform of the vehicle transporter is mainly flat-mounted or double-flat mounted, and the lower layer adopts an overlapping device. 5. Material selection ordinary carbon (C) plain steel, manganese (manganese) steel, high-strength aluminum (Al) alloy (melting point 660°C) (alloy) materials are few, so there is no choice.