The operation method of grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer

  • 2021-01-12

Grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer is a trailer used for loading oversized and overweight cargo. The basic form of the semi-trailer is a single flatbed trailer. It generally has the following structure. Frame and axle. The two axles are mostly collinear, that is, there are two left and right axles on a single axis, which is also called a two-axis row. Common monocoque trailers have 2 to 7 axes. One wheel axle is equipped with 4 tires, and one axis has 8 tires. Therefore, the width of the whole car can reach more than 3 meters. In order to reduce the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, a steel wire radial wide rim tire with a small diameter and a large load capacity is generally installed. Each tire can withstand a load of about 4 tons under low-speed operating conditions. The frame adopts a welded structure of a high-strength alloy steel box section. Usually a single 5-axle, the two-axle flatbed trailer can carry more than 100 tons.

Uses of grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer

The grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer electro-hydraulic integrated lifting device is controlled by a power unit control button to lift the two wings and can lift 90 degrees. The power unit is a 4-cylinder lifting, and the body has four hydraulic double-circuit adsorption cylinders. The lower end of the car body can be equipped with a movable fence, and the bottom is equipped with a horizontal ring, which is convenient for fixing the goods. The structural framework of the car body is welded with high-strength steel profiles. The car body can be made of iron corrugated, color steel plate, stainless steel, and other materials according to customer requirements.

The operation method of grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer

Grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer side panels and door panels are made of special aluminum alloy profiles. This patented model can be used in combination with the Jiefang, Dongfeng, and other series of tractors and tractors of the same tonnage or similar vehicles to form a car train. It is suitable for the transportation of bulk goods such as household garbage, sand, and coal. The truck integrates the advantages of quick unloading of ordinary dump trucks and more loading of side dump trucks. It avoids the shortcomings of tip dump trucks that are easy to roll over, tires of side dump trucks are buried, and side baffles are easily deformed. The Grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer operation method has the characteristics of the high safety factor, advanced technology, lightweight, a high degree of automation, simple operation, reliable quality, economical and durable, etc. It fills the blank of domestic and foreign dump trucks for smooth unloading. Intelligent transportation, The automatic unloading mode is the fundamental guarantee of never overturning and safety of people and vehicles. The driver uses the video monitoring system to remotely control the hydraulic operating system so that the entire process of unloading can be completed without getting off the car in the cab.

Structure characteristics of grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer

1. The body is made of rods, cabinet frame structure, light structure, lightweight, mostly upper and lower loading platforms, the platform adopts hydraulic cylinder opening, steel wire rope pulley structure, stable lifting, high positioning, and other advantages. 2. Lightweight structure: Grain transport cargo corn box semi-trailer adopts a frame structure, the frame carries the overall load and does not have the longitudinal beam structure of a semi-trailer. It has lightweight, which is about 30% lighter than similar vehicles. 3. Safe and convenient operation: all loading and unloading platforms have reliable lift control operations, which can be clearly observed and operated accurately. 4. Suspension system: It adopts a unique under-leaf spring suspension system with variable cross-section leaf springs for smooth driving.