Low Bed Semi-Trailer

  • 2020-05-10


1. There are flat plate type, concave beam type and tire exposed type structure, its frame is stepped, longitudinal beam section is i-shaped, It has the characteristics of high stiffness and high strength. 2. The main plane of the frame and cargo platform is low, which ensures the stability of transportation and is suitable for carrying all kinds of construction machinery and large equipment and steel. 3. The use of triaxial balance, biaxial balance or steel suspension, before and after the mass balance between leaves springs Block, can make the deflection of front and rear leaf spring equal change so that the front and rear axle force equilibrium. 4. Carbon dioxide gas protection welding; the whole frame is shot peen to make the vehicle more beautiful, strong and durable. low bed semi trailer

Our Advantage

1. LUYI low bed trailer adopts HG60 high strength steel material, the yield strength of HG60 steel is more than 620Mpa, more durable and stronger than ordinary steel, and its loading capacity is 5 times more the trailer which adopts Q345 steel. 2. LUYI low bed trailer adopts a 550mm main beam, effectively increases 20% loading capacity than the normal trailer which uses a 500mm main beam, and ensure the main beam resistance to twisting forces, shock and bump, meet load requirements on different kinds of roads. 3. LUYI low bed trailer adopts a 200mm width main beam, increases 20% loading capacity than the normal trailer which uses a 140mm width mind beam, ensures driving smoothly.